Saturday, February 13, 2016

HydroViv shower filter review

Hydroviv sent me this awesome shower filter! We have medium hard water and that can ruin your hair and do damage to your skin. This filter gets rid of toxins so you can shower with peace of mind. It has FOUR filtration stages that remove a TON of junk from your water! 

ClearRain™  Shower Filter   -Impurities found in tap water can irritate & dry skin, negatively impact hair, and interfere with salon products.

ClearRain has been developed specifically to work with "Tough Tap Water"

ClearRain is the only shower filter on the market to use 4 Filtration Stages that Remove:  
  • Chlorine-based chemicals
  • Oily Residues
  • Pesticides
  • Metals (including rust)
  • Volatile chemicals (rotten egg smell)
ClearRain attaches to your existing shower head and is installed in under 5 minutes.

Unlike inferior and/or imitation products sold elsewhere, ClearRain delivers pristine shower water for 9-12 months before the removable cartridge is replaced.

 ClearRain is Proudly Made in the USA, Using NSF Certified Materials!

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