Thursday, February 11, 2016

New GreenAir Creature Comforts - Jax Frog review

New Green Air sent me Creature comforts - Jax Creature Comforts - frog This little guy is ADORABLE. It is an essential oil diffuser AND a humidifier in one!

You can see the unboxing here.

This adorable diffuser gives your child their own diffuser. This diffuser about 4.5 inches tall and 3.25” wide. It can cover a 400 square foot area and run up to 8 hours.
Like the other New GreenAir diffusers the ultrasonic technology which disperses an ultrafine vapor. This helps suspend the water and essential oils in the air for longer periods of time and better inhalation

The New
Jax Diffuser gives kids the health benefits of aromatic essential oils with an adorable animal design. The possibilities are endless! Combine your Creature Comforts Diffuser with a myriad of essential oils to get a variety of healthful effects! Find Your Comfort! GreenAir's Creature Comforts Essential Oil Diffuser goes into a kids room or with your family when you travel. There are 2 water bottle adapters for extended run time.

New GreenAir Creature Comforts are available as a: Yellow Duck, Pink Pig, Green Frog, or Black

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