Sunday, February 14, 2016

Foot Nanny foot care set review

FootNanny sent me this gift set to review for you!

I am super excited about this review! When I found them on #OprahsFavoriteThings I was extremely intrigued.  The gal is an entrepanuer using skills her mother taught her as a young girl.

Gloria Williams inspires me. I want to be better at whatever I do.  Anyone can be successful if you put your heart into it.

The Footnanny treatment set consists of foot salts, foot cream and socks. ADORBS!

The packaging is simple, yet elegant! See the ingredient list above.

-step 1 – soak for 20 minutes. This stuff smells so nice!!!
-step 2 – dry feet and remove softened skin

-step 3 – apply cream with massage and put on socks.

WOW!! This stuff even makes the most manly feet very SOFT!! Mr Crazy Life has feet that have been in boots for 30 years. This stuff even made a dent in his feet. So cool! :)

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