Saturday, February 27, 2016

Blade and Rose review

Blade and rose sent me this SUPER CUTE Monster outfit.
Their site says the are innovative and Funky. YES They are!! The company is named using the middle names of the owners children. How sweet! This is a family business and it’s a leading British clothing brand. Amanda created the brand while on maternity leave and its a hot item!! What adorable styles.

They sent me the Monster reversible bandana bib, blue bobble hat and monster leggings. The characters are on the bum of the pants…. SO Cute! The fabric is super soft, functional and hold up well in the wash.

The colors in this ensemble are jelly bean green with blue stripes and a monster on the bum. Freaking cute! The bobble hat is jelly bean green with Blue checked pattern and a green pom pom on top.  The bandana bib is much cuter than your average bib and just looks like a part of the outfit. GREAT for teething! This has a double snap to secure.

These adorable clothes from Blade and Rose make me (almost) want another crazy lifer!

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