Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bondic review and giveaway

BONDIC sent me this liquid plastic welder. How cool is this???

Bondic kit. instructions seem simple enough. First you squeeze the liquid from the black cartridge onto the item that you are fixing. Second you flip the device over and use the UV light to cure the liquid.

Here is an instructional video from Bondic. We have used this on a few things and have found it to be extremely durable.

 -works best on rough surfaces and even better with undercuts
-solidifies only by exposure to UV light (LED included)
-works best in layers (the max. thickness of one layer is 1- 1.5 mm)
-works best when the surface is clean and free of grease
-solvent free, which is one reason why it doesn’t dry out
-liquid plastic welder that should be used with the principle of welding and not gluing

Here are some examples of practical uses for Bondic.

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  1. I love that it is 100% water proof and heat resistant
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  2. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)February 29, 2016 at 9:14 PM

    I like that it has the liquid and curing pen all in one. Seems easy to use.

  3. I love that it's more effective than glue