Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Vermitek Bokashi Composter Review

Recently we posted about a worm farm from Vermitek. Its going strong and we have doubled the amount of worms. We have started getting worm juice to use on our garden and its fantastic!

Now I have Vermitek Bokashi Composter to blog about. VermiTek designs, manufactures, and distributes multiple items from Worm Compost Bins and Bokashi Compost Kits to barrels and gardening accessories.  

I have always been leary of composting because of the perceived smell I associated with it. If you want to try it, this is a great starting point. Its compact and does not smell.

The word Bokashi is Japanese meaning ‘Fermented Organic Matter’.  We have had no foul odor and honestly its a sweeter smell than I was expecting.   This is due to the bran-based material made with a culture of Effective Microorganisms. It helps ferment your food waste which is a compost activator.

I love the simplicity of using Bokashi. You literally put all your solid food waste in the composter, bury them in the Bokashi bran and seal the lid. The bran breaks it all down in two weeks to be poured into your garden as a natural fertilizer. This also has a spigot to get the liquid out for your plants or to use as a natural enzyme to clear your drains. Not to mention the compost you can pour out into the garden. This is a great composter! We keep it in the garage just outside the door. Each day we throw all the collected compost items that we don't save or feed the worms, and throw it in this bucket.  If we had another bucket, we would reduce our food waste by about fifty percent.

Here are more details about the Bokashi Kitchen Composter and an introductory video.

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