Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Royal Tea Candle Review

 Royal Tea candle sent me this ADORABLE Candle. My daughter got a little excited to pull this tab out to see the jewelry so I put it back together. This is actually a good thing as it shows you where the jewelry actually is. :)

The jewelry, unlike other brands, is attached to an adorable tea bag type idea. When it melts enough, you pull the Royal Tea Candle tab up and out comes your jewelry.
 This is my necklace unwrapped. There was no indication of what it was worth.
 The colors are so beautiful on the front. Its a clear red ruby type pendant with accents of diamond type gems.
 The back is silver.
 The candle is soy and burns evenly. The smell is amazing!! Its strong without being overpowering.
After 4 hours of burning, I blew the candle out and let it harden again.

This candle is a great bargain for the cost. You even have an adorable tea cup that you can clean and use after the candle is all used up! :)

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