Friday, July 29, 2016

Bubi Bottle review

Bubi Bottle sent me two of their reusable silicone bottles. These are fantastic!! They come in 9 colors, BPA Free, flexible and microbial free. I normally use glass or stainless steel but this is a great option for the times where they aren't practical. 

Bubi multi use bottles are light, foldable, and resistant to heat and cold.  There is a ring on them to keep them rolled up when not in use.

Bubi bottles would also be very beneficial for military or uniformed services. The only thing that I think could be improved for this target audience is a tougher valve and to fine tune any possible leakage issues.

These would be great gifts for anyone. All you need to do is fill with items unique to the person and you have a special gift!

In researching their website you can use Bubi bottles for camping, hiking, traveling, gym, and sports. You can microwave, use them in the oven, and are freezer safe. They say you can use them to store or warm liquids, but I don't typically use anything plastic for that.
Whats unique about the Bubi bottle is you can use it as a hot or cold compress, or store a small first aid kit to stay dry.

Our old house is cold in the winter and the bubi bottle can be used to keep you warm. Place it over a fire (yes, fire!),  or in the microwave (without the ring on it)  and place it in your sleeping bag or under your coat and stay warm.

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  1. This is a great article, written by a MOM, for the kids, and how it works. great for school work or play