Thursday, July 28, 2016

cradl.Phone Case review

 Cradl. Case sent me this beautiful phone case to review. The color combinations are beautiful and help your phone stand out. This is helpful when you loses your phone on a regular basis in your own home. :) The case was brainstormed over a lunch date, and now you see its fruition.

 This is the 6s model in Bubbles. There is also a tree and block pattern. The internal skeleton of the case is molded with the outer shell. The material helps absorb and spread out the shock of the impact. There is also a rocker switch on the side which helps access the volume easier instead of just a regular flat buttons. They are made for the iPhone 6 and you can pre-order the iPhone 6plus and the iPad air cases.

 This case is a very sleek, low profile case with good shock protection. I was initially concerned about the open case if it ever got around a puddle of water on the counter, but so far that has not been a problem. The case also has raised corners.
The case is extremely easy to put on and has a great skid proof quality. There are many color combinations to choose from and provides a lot of variety for a great price point. They currently run $32 each so its affordable enough to get two if you like to change the case out.

cradl. gives back fifty cents from each case to Capital Gift program. They are also made in the USA.

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