Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rinse Kit Review

 Rinse Kit sent me their portable shower. This has SO many uses around the house. They now have a heater accessory and a field shower.

RinseKit is a portable pressurized shower. There is no pumping or batteries. The RinseKit holds two gallons of water that you can fill from a householdspigot and has a pressurized
Upon opening, there is a spray nozzle sitting on a bit of bubble wrap.

This is what the inside looks like and where you fill the RinseKit
The top of the RinseKit even has a way to measure fish or game if you are a hunter!

As a family the RinseKit has come in very handy. We have one spot of our yard that a hose cannot reach. We can use this to water those plants. This is great for day trips to the beach, projects around house, camping, outdoor sports, and to clean up those kids after soccer games!! Leave this filled and ready to go in your car, and you will find many uses. I have seen posts with people using it during power outages, deer season, paramedics, music fests, camping, pets, rodeos, and so much more!

Comment and let me know what uses you have found. #WhatWillYouRinse

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