Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NeoCell Review and Giveaway

I cannot identify if the product uses natural or synthetic forms of the vitamins and minerals. I’ve taken many supplements, vitamins and such over the years. With this experience coupled with my personal research for my degree in health and wellness I can tell you that everyone’s health needs are completely different. You must be your own advocate and research unbiased information that shows both sides. That being said, I have used these products for 30 days. I have seen some improvement in my skin with these products. It is difficult to say how big of a difference since it has been a short time, or whether the results will last. I used to have dry patches on my cheeks which seem to have diminished. I will be interested to see if my skin continues to change.

Everyone has different results due to their individual absorption rates and current health issues. I cannot say whether or not you will have results with these products, just my personal experience.

This product is designed to internally nourish the skin. This formula uses BioActive NeoCell
collagen™, which is created through a micronization process. This allows the product to dissolve in liquid. Derma Matrix is supposed to promote reduction of lines & wrinkles, Increases hydration, and support cell turnover & elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid is said to Support skin hydration & cell turnover and help maintain suppleness of the skin. Vitamin C and Amla Fruit Extract is supposed to aid in healthy collagen.
This  formula supports the skin’s lipid barrier which helps to lock in moisture and smooth the skin. Rapid Action Ceramosides™ are said to help improve skin moisture & elasticity and have reduced signed of aging in just 15 days.
Ceramosides™ Ceramides are specific lipids naturally present in the skin essential to the lipid barrier or moisture barrier. Ceramosides™ ceramides are clinically tested to increase smoothness, moisture and elasticity in just 15 days. The Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Pine Bark Extract, Astaxanthin, Lutein & Coconut Water Powder

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