Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ihome zenergy bedside sleep therapy speaker

. Look at all the options on this thing!! I will list the buttons starting with the top clockwise
Light therapy mode
mode select/call
2 alarms
play pause/presets
minus/plus settings
sound therapy mood button (middle)
sleep 1
sleep 2

Once you plug the bedside speaker in, this is the default setting. The time is on and no lights are on. This light therapy creates a very calm and beautifully lit space to end a day (or wake up to) especially in winter! The combination of light and sounds help slow down your breathing and heartrate to relax you.

The light therapy mode has several settings. The aurora is one of my favorite setting. The color starts in the top right  and then cascades down to  the bottom left. SO beautiful!

There are five white noise sounds for the sound therapy option.
On the back panel there is a time set button, Bluetooth pairing button, aux-in jack, USB charging port, DC jack and FM antenna.

What I REALLY love about this bedside sleep therapy speaker is that you can control it from your phone, set alarms, nature/ocean sounds before the alarm, or music via Bluetooth.

The shape is perfect for a small corner and takes up such little space.

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