Thursday, February 23, 2017

zipbuds juiced 2.0 glow in the dark ear buds review and giveaway

ZipBuds sent me a pair of their glow in the dark juiced earbuds. Check out my review of the slide sport review as well.

My first impression of both pair of zipbuds is the quality. They don't feel heavy, but there is a good weight to them. I like the simple packaging and the fact that there isn't a ton of extra packaging just to make them look impressive.

ZipBuds juiced have  angled earbuds for a better fit. Each package also comes with small, medium, and large ear tip sizes. I really like the angled fit. As I mentioned in my previous review It makes them feel like they are a custom fit to you.

The juiced earbuds could benefit from the non tangle cord technology instead of the nylon cord. I haven't noticed major amounts of tangling, so its not a deal killer for me. I've actually been using this pair at my desk plugged into my computer. Its great for training videos since I am in a cube right next to another gal.

ZipBuds have an L/R printed on them so you don't have to guess which goes into which ear! That's a small time saver and gets you working out faster or like me, training videos or conference calls. Others have color coded cords like the sport slide.

ZipBuds juiced has a zipper that doesn't tangle. LOVE that! That's one of my pet peeves.

ZipBuds also have a noise eliminating microphone and a sleek volume control. ZipBuds have really good clean sound with  minimal distortion of sound.
Patented Never Tangle Zipper Cable
  • Legendary Durability

  • Precision Tuned Zipbuds Drivers: Power & Clarity

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Option - Light up the night!

  • Enter the Giveaway and #playinspired


    1. My favorite feature is the comfortable sport fit.

      1. I really like that feature as well! What color would you get (black, glow in the dark)

    2. I've never tried these, but they look awesome