Saturday, February 11, 2017

SOL Organix Luxury Sheets Review

SOL Organix sent me a white organic queen sheet set. 

SOL Organix uses only Fair Trade Certified organic cotton to produce ethically made bedding. Their  products are made from non-GMO long-staple cotton seeds from India. They are said to produce the softest & most durable organic cotton fibers in the world.

I love that they use NON-GMO and organic source materials for their product. As I read more about SOL, I think about how we try to eliminate chemicals in our every day life, eat as organic and Non-GMO as we can. Having used these sheets, I am rethinking our choice of bedding. We spend 1/3 of our day in bed, why would we sleep in chemicals?

Look at how well it is packaged and presented.
The outer cover is a cute bag! I couldn't get the sheets in the bag after the fact, but I'm a terrible sheet folder. I just stick them all in the pillow case. This queen SOL sheet is very light and breathable, while being extremely soft.  One thing I did learn is that SOL uses a single Ply yarn which produces a soft sheet instead of other companies who use 2 or 3 ply yard to make the thread count appear higher. This also makes the sheet more coarse.

The first night when I got into bed, I immediately felt like I was in a hotel. The sheets were SUPER soft.
Both the top and bottom of the sheets are marked so there is no guess which is the side of the fitted sheet and which is the top or bottom. This solve a problem for me in trying to determine while making the bed!
In addition to providing high quality products, with every bedsheet purchased, SOL organix donates $7.50 to the charity you nominate. They partner with Childrens Defense Fund (Ending child poverty), Water4 (providing water), Hope for Justice (ending slavery), The fund for animals (saving animals), Autism Society(improving lives), and Smile Network (giving smiles).

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