Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mavogel glass roller bottle, eyeshadow pot reviews
Clear acrylic eyeshadow container come in a 25 piece or a 50 piece set. It is a fantastic and classy look. the black lids make it look very sharp. The containers are durable and the lids fit snug. great for homemade beauty products or craft items as well.

 6 piece 10 ml roller bottles in violet,   blue,  and pink. 
These are a fantastic size for essential oil blends with carrier oils! I have a bag that holds 20. The metal roller ball is much better than the plastic that I had previously. They application is much smoother. This also comes with a dropper to fill the containers which is helpful. the tops fit snug to avoid leaks.

Pack of 6 5ml amber roller with 3 ml dropper these smaller bottles are great for kids or your purse. We keep this bottle filled with a focus oil and upset stomach blend for the car on the way to school. This gives my daughter access to choose when she needs it. The lids fit securely and the metal roller ball is a huge bonus for even application. This also comes with a dropper to fill the containers which is helpful.

These clear containers come in a 25 piece  or a 50 piece set and have secure lids and are great for a myriad of homemade beauty essentials as well as crafts. The clear plastic makes it easy to see what is inside and how much is left.

plastic graduated pipettes are nice disposable options for measuring lipbalm base into tubes or pots. These are extremely nice and reusable options for filling and measuring essential oil blends into the roller balls above!

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