Friday, November 20, 2015

Mavogel glass roller bottle and artificial gourd review

Mavogel sent me a set of 3ml Roll on Glass Bottles to review. These came in a set of 6 to be used with Essential Oils. What I love about this brand is they use amber glass which helps keep the essential oils in a dark environment and they have a Metal Ball which rolls smoothly and can be capped with a Black Plastic Lid. 
The metal roller balls fit snug to keep the glass bottles from leaking and provides a smooth application of the essential oil blends inside. This 3 ML size has great portability to throw in a purse. We keep a focus blend in the car for Little crazy life to use before school and this is a perfect kid size! 


Secondly Mavogel sent me this fun autumn mixture of artificial gourds and pumpkins. There are an assortment of 12 gourds and pumpkins. I put them in a glass bowl to display on a buffet with some other pinterest ideas.  The average size is 3”, and is perfect for table decoration, or in a bowl or basket. If you add pinecones this could also look really neat in a hurricane vase topped with a battery operated candle. 
The artificial gourds and pumpkins just took my holiday decorating up a notch! 

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