Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fit Organic Baby review and giveaway

Fit Organic sent me their baby laundry stain remover, Baby laundry detergent, and their carpet stain remover. 

 I'm pretty excited about this. I have reviewed their other products here.
Now for the new products!
The laundry detergent has a wonderful smell and texture and appears to clean well. This can be used in regular and HE washers.
The ingredients for all three are chemical free, certified organic by the Oregon tilth, not tested on animals, certified vegan, no dyes, no perfumes, no GMO’s, and safe for top loading AND High efficiency (HE) machines. WOW! That is fantastic!!
ONLY certified USDA Organic Baby Laundry Stain Remover
- Uses organically certified ingredients to power away tough stains
- Contains NO SLS (Sodium Coco Sulfate)
- NO dyes, artificial perfumes, GMOs, enzymes, or phosphates
- Not Animal Tested

Fit Organic Baby Laundry Detergent – My daughter has sensitivity to sulfates so finding a soap that is good for her has been a bit tough. This is a great product for any age!  Its formulated for tough baby stains which would be great for those tough kid stains too!
Fit organic baby stain spray – is tough on general kid AND baby stains!
Fit Organic carpet cleaner

What I love about them is they are CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC by the Oregon Tilth Company (OTCO).  They also are certified "Green" by the Eco-Scale/Green Seal company,  a cruelty-free company, and use non-GMO ingredients for all of our products as well as certified USDA Organic.

Fit Organic also has links to their  MSDS Safety data sheets! How cool is that?! That's a lot of confidence in their products and makes me love them even more.
Fit Organic uses NO SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS and NO ARTIFICIAL SURFACTANTS of any kind. Many other natural brands contain synthetic surfactants and harsh chemicals. I don't know about you but I don't want them in MY home!

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