Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dreamup toys review and review

Dreamup Toys sent me their railway block platform. This is an extremely genius idea! This combines the love of TWO toys into one. Having three kids of their own, they developed this product to assist with a stability issue within playtime at their own household.

 By combining shapes and textures this can also facilitate flexibility in play (especially those with sensory issues) and thinking, creates different ways to play with their toys and helps kids brains to think differently. 

Dreamup is a wooden railway block platform that connects to wooden train tracks just like the standard pieces. You can use them on the floor for stability and stack compatible duplo blocks on them, or use the duplo as a support for a dreamup platform and use duplo on top as well! SO many options.

I was trying to find duplo to show you pictures, but Im still on the hunt. Just when you think you have saved every piece of childhood, you cant find one duplo!!!!!!

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