Thursday, November 19, 2015

Joya essentials review and giveaway

I received samples of the following Joya Essentials oils.  They all had great scents and it was fun making a few spray blends with distilled water.
Clary sage can treat stress, anxiety, nervous tension and depression. Its known for treating women’s issues and its soothing properties to help respiratory issues, relaxing muscles, and can be added to baths, body lotion, foot soaks or diffused.
Geranium is extremely diverse and has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. It’s known for balancing sebum which is thought to be a common cause of acne/dry skin. Geranium stimulates the lymphatic systems and helps relieve PMS bloating, edema and swollen ankles. YES PLEASE!
Joyas essential oil is steam distilled from organic leaves grown in South Africa.
Helichrysum is known for anti-inflammatory properties and can help those in emotional pain. One cool thing I love about this balm is it’s an analgesic, skin healing and supports the healing of burns! Joyas oil is steam distilled from organic plants in Corsica.
Frankincense – Ive never had a chance to experience this without a blend. I am in love with this oil for many reasons. It’s an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and can be used for muscle pain and trauma. It’s both helpful for emotional/mental and physical symptoms.  Joyas oil is steam distilled from the Boswellia carterii tree in Somalia. I have Meniere’s and Frankincense is  said to help.
Siberian Fir is an oil I have not been able to try until now. Needles and cones are distilled creating a very nice Pine scent! In the diffuser it creates a wonderful scent for those days I haven’t had a chance to clean. Siberian fir diffused helps kill microbes and keep germs from spreading. The days I do clean I have a nice oil to kill and deodorize. This is a great oil to blend with a carrier oil for areas of inflammation, pain and swelling.  Joya states “Emotionally, this essential oil circulates positive energy and promotes strong self-image, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.” Joyas Siberian fir is steam distilled from cones and needles of the Abies Sibirica tree in Siberia.
Upset stomach blend was made to soothe digestive issues.  It contains ginger to reduce stomach pain and nausea. Ginger originates in southern China and has been known to settle the stomach. Ginger is a tonic for digestive issues which seems to be a key factor for the Upset Tummy Blend.
Joya Essentials will make custom blends… Shut the front door?! How cool is that!! “The products we custom blend range from therapeutic blends, to botanical skincare products for face, and body such as body lotions, body butters, bath salt or scrubs, facial masks, anti-aging facial serums, facial creams and moisturizers, facial toners, acne solutions and much more.”
These were sample sizes so I didn’t get extended use out of them. It would be very interesting to continue with a few of them and see the longer term benefits.
Check out Joya Essentials pinterest page for more ideas!

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  1. The diffuser would be my choice as a favorite!!

  2. The diffuser would be my choice as a favorite!!

  3. I bet I'd like the clary sage essential oil.