Friday, November 24, 2017

Zuru Makya brick building tape

Zuru Makya sent me their brick building tape.  It takes your kids building to the next level by allowing them to build in a totally different way. Now you can build vertically, horizontally AND UPSIDE DOWN!

This building tape is FANTASTIC! I've taken pictures with one, but will update it once we stick it to the wall (its going to be a Christmas present). I've been playing with a roll of it for a awhile now and its really neat. Its going to be even better when we can build on the wall! 

The brick tape is flexible, (ie: Lego, Mega Blocks, Keri, Lapin, and NIMUNA Loops) It goes on with attached Non-marking tape. You can cut it to any length, unstick it and move it! 

This is the adhesive side of the Makya brick tape. It  is made with  high quality food grade silicone and can be used in multiple ways. A few examples would be wall décor, Lego baseplates on a table, picture frame, 

Available in several colors and sizes. 

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