Friday, November 17, 2017

LikeAGlove smart leggings review

LikeAGlove sent me these smart leggings. They measure your shape and send it via Bluetooth to the app.

I HATE Jean shopping with a passion. Its exhausting and frustrating. When I get to my goal, I will be ordering online and testing out the accuracy. I will have to do some measuring for my inseam since these are shorts, and not leggings. 

Once you save your measurements into the LikeAGlove app, you can track progress with your weight loss plan or order from a catalog of jeans that will fit you. They have many different brands, models and sizes. None of the jeans I normally wear are in the app, but gave me ideas of which to try on. I'm not posting a picture of the progress because you all don't need to know my measurements. ;)

The brands they promote on their site in their catalog are:
Levi’s, Lucky Brand, Banana Rep., Old Navy, 7 For All Mankind, Gap, Citizens of Humanity, Joe’s, Paige, J Brand, American Eagle, Ann Taylor, True Religion, AG, Hudson and more.

I am in  the process of changing my eating/exercise habits to lose weight. LikeAGlove has been great to track my process

Here is the inside of the LikeAGlove shorts. The orange lines are where they measure for high hips, low hips, etc. What I am loving about the shorts is that  LikeAGlove will show me changes in my body that cannot be measured by a scale. If I am gaining muscle and losing fat, my scale will not show me any loss that week.

The only thing I have noticed is you  have to pay attention to how you wear the shorts each time. Make a mental note or take a picture of yourself in them. That way you can get consistent measurements.  

Secondly, the app will crash sometimes and take a couple tries to get the measurements. 

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  1. These leggings and shorts are amazingly smart. Used different branded workout clothes buy beyond yoga is just superb. Perfect fit and sizes with variety of colors is making them special from others. Thinking to buy them for my cousin also this time. Will gift her on birthday next month as she likes my collection very much.