Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Magic Mud toothpaste

My Magic Mud sent me their Cinnamon clove toothpaste as well as a mini peppermint. . I have tried so many natural toothpastes over the last couple years in combination with oil pulling. 
I actually switched back to traditional toothpaste after not being able to get rid of the dingy look to my teeth. I  drink black tea which stains and nothing got my teeth whiter. 
In comes My Magic Mud. Their site says "Strengthen & Whiten Your Smile with Activated Charcoal". 

My Magic Mud uses Activated charcoal, coconut oil, bentonite clay, and organic essential oils. They are vegan and use no fluoride or GMOs. The toothpaste comes in spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon clove and wintergreen. They also have tooth whitening powder for evening. 

My Magic Mud uses no foaming agents, fluoride, glycerin, toxic chemicals, cruelty, tricolsan, GMOs or Gluten. 

I do have to say  I saw a REMARKABLE difference and almost instantly. I took a picture before and then on the third day and sent it to the company. The results were so dramatic that Mr. Crazy Life and little Crazy Life started using it as well. They use diatomaceous earth which is a mild and porous abrasive to help get the plaque off the teeth. It feels like I've just been to the dentist every time I brush with My Magic Mud. That's how clean my teeth feel. 

Little Crazy Life does not like strong flavors, so I was shocked when she tried the cinnamon clove. She actually has been brushing her teeth without a fight since we received My Magic Mud. She started with her normal strawberry toothpaste and added a bit of the cinnamon clove. She plays with the amounts she uses until it fits her tastes. 

She LOVES the fact that the toothpaste turns her teeth black first. EVERY day she says "Mom, look! I haven't brushed my teeth in 100 years!" Using this toothpaste has also eliminated the need for timing her brushing sessions. She brushes until the water is clear, and that's just about 2 minutes. It gives her control instead of me harping on her. 

For the sake of those who have aversions to pictures of teeth,  I will not post a before and after. My Magic Mud has the OK to post it on their site if they want. 

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