Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Force Field Cloaks - Glow in the dark blankets

Force Field sent me a prototype of their blankets. They sent us the pink cloak and its SUPER fun! I would like to see a smaller logo on the blankets or perhaps a tag instead.

I cannot get a good picture of ForceField in the dark, so I will include some of their videos so you can see how amazing they work. 

The inventor, Terry Sachetti, and the CEO of The Glow Company created the Force Field Cloak™.
You simply Lay your Forcefield cloak under bright light for 10-15 minutes. This charges the Force Field for 8+ hours. Everything is non toxic and safe for kids. You can super charge the blanket with a black light as well. 

Lets hear what kids say. My daughter agrees with them. If your kids are afraid of the dark this would be a great item to help them hide and feel safe. It does not illuminate the room, but it does give them something to focus on and help eliminate the fear of the dark. 

These are currently in short supply for Christmas, GO NOW!

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