Sunday, July 23, 2017

WayBasics Connect Cube review

WayBasics Sent me their connect cubes to review. We have a small open area under little CrazyLifes built in bookshelf that is completely open. It collects SO much random stuff due to its odd size. We have never been able to find anything to fit under this shelf, until now. If the connect cube came in half the width of this, we would have been able to completely fill the area. However, the open space does house a Barbie bin to the side of the cabinets.

Currently she is using the connect cubes to house her lego village creations so they don't get knocked over or broken. Once I can get a good picture of this, I will update this post.

With Waybasics products you get the sides, small wooden pegs, and the backing (and a lifetime warranty). The double sided sticky tape is already affixed to the connect cubes on one side. The boards themselves are made from from zBoard material. It is EXTREMELY strong, and much healthier than  particle board or MDF. Little Crazy Life can stand on the bookshelves without damage. I feel better knowing that these have NO VOC, toxins, or formaldehyde especially since they are in her room.

 The unique thing about the waybasics cubes is they have wooden pegs to put them together along with strong double sided sticky tape. YES, TAPE! I put these together without instructions. It is pretty simple.

Simply line up the holes and pegs after removing the sticky tape showing 3M. I did this by myself, but it is helpful to have another set of hands or a wall to lean the first side up.
 What I LOVE about the connect cubes is that they are not wood, yet they are so durable that you can stand on them (without breaking)! The pieces are made from recyclable materials. They are eco-friendly and little crazy life was able to help me put them together. I have her problem solve how to put things together, and this was pretty intuitive.

 and.............. a lifetime warranty!

After putting these together, and using them for awhile, I really like them. They are extremely lightweight and little crazy life can change them around in her room without hurting herself.

I would LOVE to get these in every style because waybasics provides such versatility and it helps keep little crazy life a bit more organized.

As I am eyeing their product line, you could easily use a combination of the waybasic cubes and make an easy lego desk to secure baseplates to. I would just secure the backs together with painters tape or decorative duct tape to keep them from separating. We have legos EVERYWHERE and this would be a fun project to try. If you do, let me know!

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