Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vitajuwel Via Gemwater bottle review

As a disclaimer I do not have much experience with Gemstone therapy. I find this method of wellness fascinating. Apparently this was done in ancient times as well, dating back to Pedanios Diskurides in the 1st century AC.

The VitaJuwel glass bottle has two openings. The top for rinking and the bottom for screwing in the gempod . The Gempod has a silicone washer to create a seal and protect the jar from breaking. This screws into the bottom of the class cylinder.

When I got this bottle I went into it with no expectations. . I did a series of blind taste tests for myself (you can see the papercups in the first picture), Mr. Crazy Life, and Little Crazy Life. Every single time we could tell a difference. I tried glass containers, paper cups, and ceramic mugs. I used filtered water from the fridge, tap water, and purified water from the cooler at work. The sharpness of the water is gone. The water had a smoother taste and tasted like spring water.

The Gemod is manufactured in the Austrian Alps. There are 17 combinations of gemstones to create a HUGE selection of bottles. In their brochure they have

Wellness – rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz
Fitness – Red jasper, magnesite, clear quartz
Five elements – Amethyst, Chalcedony, petrified wood, rose quartz, ocean chalcedony
Balance – Sodalite, Clear quartz
Love – rose quartz
Vitality – Emerald, clear quartz
Momentum – Chalcedony, moss agate, milk opal
Beauty – amethyst, aventurine quartz, rose quartz
Inner Purity – aquamarine, clear quartz
Focus – red jasper, sodalite, orange calcite, agate (brown), aventurine quartz
Passion – Carnelian, halite salt
Sunny morning – orange calcite, clear quartz
Allure – Garnet, clear quartz
Inspiration – Lapis lazuli, rutilated quartz
Vision – noble shungite, clear quartz
Diamonds – diamond slivers, clear quartz
Golden momentsrhinegold, halite salt, garnet
Vino – amethyst, clear quartz

Everything on this planet gives off energy and vibrations.  Water is a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen molecules with a specific structure. From my current understanding of Gemstones they can change the structure of water by the vibration and energy that the stones produce.  When water is exposed to Vitajuwel Gemstones there have been the following effect recorded by Institute Hagalis;
-Distinct improvement of tap water quality
-neutralization of Harmful substances information
-Improvement of the PH Value and oxygen content
-Increase on bioavailability of minerals
-Increase of energy and biological valance

Even if you don’t believe in the power of Gemstones therapy, Vitajuwel products are STUNNING. I have had so many comments on my bottle. I would LOVE to get the Gemwater dispenser to keep on my counter, because its seriously GORGEOUS! How about that for a statement piece?

They also have Gemstone vials, decanters and droplets. I have also read that professional sommeliers have used this method to improve their wines by softening the wines natural acids to make it smoother. I guess I better get some wine to test this theory out!

Vita T
Bottle insert to steep tea in your gemwater bottle.

They also have a gemwater bottle called:
Tea time – moss agate, clear quartz
HUGS and LOOP silicone top and bottom protectors to help prevent from bumps

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