Sunday, July 16, 2017

Time Block Swiss Botanical Science Review

I was sent time block supplement in exchange for my honest review. As with any supplement, I cannot guarantee what results you will have with them. Each person is extremely different in their supplementation needs. You will want to look at the ingredients and compare with any allergies/sensitivities you have. This is my personal experience with this product and your results may vary.

Time Block is a dietary supplement. This has a Telomer Complex which has plant derived nutrients, microalgae, vitamins and minerals. Supplementation is suggested as one morning and one evening which are indicated on the back of each bubble pack. 

Typically when you take supplements you need to create a constant balance of within your body throughout the day, that is why some dietary supplement suggestions are twice per day and not once a day. This helps the presence of the vitamins/minerals stay in your system. These are not heat pressed, which can cause them to be only partially digestible and hard on the stomach. I used to take a multivitamin and after years of seeing no results, I stopped. Those mass produced horse pills are nearly indigestible! Not to mention they are mass produced with such general ingredients. There will not be one multivitamin or supplement that is right for everyone.  

From reading the ingredients on Time block, one thing that strikes me is that I can pronounce everything in both the day/night capsules. The ingredients are Vegan, Not genetically modified, Gluten free, no added sugar and lactose free. This is a huge plus for me. We try to eliminate GMO's and highly toxic items from our house.  Time-Block was developed in Switzerland with GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures). According to the company there has been decades of finding high quality ingredients that are harvested sustainably and grown in dedicated organic areas above 1500 meters in altitude. According to the EPA, this has a direct impact on air pollution or lack thereof. The EPA claims that the most impact is shown in human health and the lower concentrations of pollutants in the air. Translate this to plant health and it appears to be the same type of effect.

A quick breakdown of a few of Time Blocks ingredients are Biotin (preservation of skin), Folate (immune function and bones), Zinc (hair/vision/cell division), B12 (methycobalamin which is the non-synthetic version, cell division/nervous system), Selenium ( thyrdoid/oxidative stress). Calcium (Metabolism).  

As with any supplement, check with your physician prior to taking.

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