Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hickies Review and giveaway

Hickeys sent me a selection of their shoe lacing system.

These have been great to reduce the amount of time in the morning. If you are like me, you choose your battles wisely. Make every pair of shoes a slip on instead of hassling with tying your childs shoes or waiting for them to tie them.

They have a bunch of color combinations to customize your shoes and make them easy to get on. These work well for those who have lost the dexterity in their hands as well.

This is the back of the laces. They bulb side simply pops into the opening and instantly your shoes are made into slip ons.

These have transformed my mornings and saves me endless amounts of tears and rushing. Plus they make my daughters shoes stand out and she enjoys them because she can change the lace colors out whenever she wants.

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  1. I like the violet and pink, but I think would son would really love these and he'd like cyan blue the most.

    1. Would these help your mornings? Luckily with having a girl slip on shoes are the norm. :)

  2. I like the Violet and Pink color.