Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SHOLDit Scarf review

Sholdit  sent me this infinity scarf with a hidden pocket.

You can get great deals on amazon. Black,  lynx red,

This is the basic in  Haze grey. I have to fly coast to coast 3 times a year. I received this just before my last trip. Their scarves are made lightweight with 2 types of fabric. I wore this scarf doubled over. However when I traveled I found I had to undo it to get to my things. Napping on the plane was great as I just slid my phone into the pouch.

All of their scarves convert into to a clutch purse (turn inside out and tuck into the pocket) that you can add a wristlet too. . This particular scarf is 31" long and 10" wide. There is one zipper pocket 9"x 8". All Fabric 100% poly blend

This video shows great ways to style your Sholdit. I did not see this video before my last trip. I think I like the knotted version which would be right below the pocket.

I actually wear this scarf throughout the week even if I don't use the pocket. It keeps me warm and is super soft. They are also easy to wash in the washer, just make sure to lay flat to dry.

I see so many colors and patterns that I want now. I love the fact that in the winter I don't necessarily need to mess with a purse over a bulky jacket. I just take a small wallet, keys, phone and a lipstick. Easy peasy! This has to be one of my favorite items lately. Its functional and pretty!
Here is Angela and SholdIts story. Take a look at their selections at their selection. on amazon!

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