Monday, December 19, 2016

Squatty Potty and Unicorn Gold Review

 Squatty Potty sent me two samples of their Unicorn Gold in Fruity Booty, and Tropical Dropsies. You can get them in time for Christmas if you order on amazon. Just click the drop down and select your scent! These are the 2oz bottles and are PERFECT for a purse or diaper bag.

Their marketing is BRILLIANT! With Unicorn Gold you can "slay your poo stink with the golden fart of a mystic unicorn".  I have seen other products but I really like that this product uses essential oils an more natural products. One spray seems to do the job regardless of the person. I'm reading that you can get up to 48 sprays per 2oz bottle. If you use this sparingly that's at least a month of stench free living.

This stuff REALLY works! Unicorn Gold fights odor both above and below the splash line. However, in my experience with Complementary health and alternative wellness... if you are extremely stinky you might want to check your diet......just saying.

They use Colloidal gold to address sulfur compounds that cause poop to stink and gets rid of the nasty molecules mid-air.

Unicorn Gold's "Potty Lock technology" seals the waterline to trap odors beneath and releasing the scent of essentials oils.

We try to eliminate (see what I did there?) use of chemicals and this seems to be a great product so far.

Colloidal Gold is suspended in each spritz of Unicorn Gold. Colloidal Gold reacts with sulfur to destroy odor and it truly works!

I thought I laughed hard at the stool video........OH MY GOSH!

Squatty Potty previously sent me their stool to review. Check out the review here of the stool.

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