Thursday, November 24, 2016

Shapeways review!

Shapeways has a holiday gift guide for those impossible to shop for people!

amazon even carries some of their items.

Here is the previous blog post on the holiday gift guide. I am doing a secondary post with actual pictures of the items.

You can hire a designer as well as just shopping for pre-made products. The request to a designer was responded to and the one asked for $80 for one hour of design work. Not bad considering 3-d printers can be thousands of dollars.

spinning star bauble The Spinning Star is part of the Christmas Bauble collection. These Christmas Tree decorations beautifully combine elegant open spirals and geometric forms. This ornament is fairly flexible and looks like they built the chain, star, and spirals all separately. This is a fantastic ornament, and cannot wait to see it on my tree.

pinecone luminary Use your own Christmas tree's lights to illuminate these classic Christmas icons from within! Fits over standard Christmas tree T1¾ mini lights.This is a very rigid decoration and is not flexible at all. I will update this post with a picture once it put up our tree.

Itty bitty sad Keanu Sad Keanu comes in two sizes. Both are equally sad. This is a gift for my husband and he is going to FREAK out! I think this is made of sandstone and its amazing.

This tealight holder casts a shadow on your wall. Its fairly thin and somewhat flexible. I'm waiting for amazon to ship me my battery operated tealights and will update this when they come in.

Star projection Tea light Looking something special to light up your room? This candle will cast a beautiful shadow on your wall. The 3d print is a bit twisted so it makes the shadow a perfect star-shape. Just put a tealight in and you're done!

Apple watch charging station works extremely well. Mr. CrazyLife wants a second one for work.

The Fusion Imaging Apple Watch Charging Stand 'Loop' has been designed with simplicity, style, and function in mind. It's elegant looks and smooth soft lines blend seamlessly into any space making it the perfect accessory for home and office. Your USB cable feeds n into the stand from behind and locks on the back of the frame reducing cable clutter, while the charging disc fits firmly in place on the front.

 This is for Little CrazyLifes Godfather for Christmas. I cannot wait to see this on their tree. It is a HoHum Cat. I believe this is made of sandstone as well.
Ho-Hum Cat Ornament is designed as a Christmas tree decoration the ornament has a hole in the collar to thread ribbon or a hook through.

Check out their holiday gift guide for ideas at any price range you want. There are some VERY cool products here!

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