Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hard Candy makeup sets review

Hard Candy sent me a couple selections of their makeup to review. I don't wear much makeup due to sensitivities to chemicals. The oldest CrazyLife kid gets these. Here is our feedback.

The Smoky look face collection had baked bronzer, liquid eyeliner, glitter mascara, eye shadow palette, and applicator brush. The smoky palette has six colors in neutral colors that went on well. The palette has a sweet purple\lace edge to it. The glitter mascara is purple, so not really able to use it on my lashes by itself. Using it as a topcoat for mascara worked out great. The liquid eyeliner is silver, so it didn't show up on my fair skin well, but is a great way to add just a touch of shimmer.

This is twisted metal fierce effects lipstick. This is definitely geared towards the young crowd. It has almost a berry scent. The lipstick container has silver indents on the lid which actually makes it a bit easier to find in the bottom of your purse.

These fierce effects lipglosses are true to color. The white (party mix) is an iridescent/clear almost snow looking. the green (so fresh)  is great for a topcoat of the fierce effects lipstick, but not sure I would wear it on its own. the brown (trophy wife) and pink (turn it up) are pretty true to color, so I use it lightly.

The eyeshadow palette has 10 colors in a range of browns/tans and some have metallic look to them. The Front has a quilted light pink detail on it.

The lip stains are called "all matte up" or "all glossed up".
The colors are fairly true to color. Ive left them on to see how well they stain the lips. I didn't have great luck, but then again, I could use a lip exfoliation as well.

Lastly I received a small set of different Hard candy products. It contained (from left to right) cheeky tints sheer blush gel, sheer envy primer perfecting, layered lip gloss, cheeky tints sheer blush gels, and an eyeshadow duo.

The colors are all really muted and go on well. I really like the primer and notice a difference in how my makeup goes on. The sheer blush gels are nice because they don't look fake, make you look like you have a sunburn, or like you slept with makeup on.

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