Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Boot Scoot review and giveaway

Boot Scoot Bikes sent me their Zoomer model in Orangesicle. The Color Options are Grass Green, Sky Blue, Sunrise Pink, Orangesicle.

There are a few brands of balance bikes available. I have only reviewed this brand and I'm very excited about doing this review. We have reviewed the Cruiser model here.

Founder, Katie Stirling. saw a toddler zooming past them on two wheels on a trip to Europe. She was surprised that the pedal-less “walking bikes” had been popular in Europe for years. When she got home her search for a similar bike for her son revealed shocking prices of the European wooden versions. Unable to find exactly what she wanted at a reasonable price, she developed and manufactured a more cost-effective and durable bike. Talk about having a great mission.

 idea of balance bikes is to learn the balance portion and skip the training wheels.

Boot Scoot Bikes are very durable and are a great option to teach a child or younger sibling how to ride.   They also have some fun Helmet covers on their site.
    • Lightweight steel frame that’s built kid-toughweight: 7 lbs
    • 33″ L x 14-17″ H x 17″ W (at handlebars)
    • Height-adjustable handlebars
    • Quick-release padded saddle, adjustable seat height: 14″-17

    • 12″ solid (hardened rubber) tires—never change a popped tire
    • White plastic rims
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Certified lead-free paint

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    1. I like the lightweight steel frame. My favorite is the Sky Blue color.

      allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

    2. I love the Sky Blue color, my favorite feature is that it does not have any pedals.

    3. I love the grass green Zoomer. I love that they learn how to balance themself without having to learn the entire pedal process at the same time. Some times it can be too much for a child to try to learn more then one action at the same time. This way the stay focused on balancing then can move on to the pedals.

    4. Sky blue is so pretty and I love all the features. Great bike.