Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kor Wobble Stools Review

KOR sent me a few kid sized wobble stools to review. I shared them with my team to get adequate feedback and I am happy to provide you with some amazing results.

The Kor Wobble Stool is an amazing product that provides active sitting. As a prior educator for normal and special needs classes, I see the benefits of this chair in the classroom. This is especially true with the younger grades. Kids need to move and this can really help them as they enter the primary grades.

Many schools expect kids to sit still and focus on work, but in reality, this is really difficult for most kids. With the rise of ADHD, ADD, anxiety, autism spectrum and sensory issues this adds a whole new layer of difficulty for kids.

Now you add stiff, uncomfortable rigid chairs that create an unnatural sitting position and you have physical issues added to that. These stools gently rock and spin via a slightly rounded base allowing active sitting vs fidgeting. This allows the body to stretch and move while allowing the person to focus on what they are doing. They have a 10” toddler, kids 14”, and an 18.7” teen size.

Our Kor Wobble chair kids test team consisted of two three year olds using the toddler stool, a kindergartener using the kids stool, and three 2nd graders/ 1 first grader using teen and kids stools. The size of stool is dependent on the individual kid due to varying heights. My daughter is 8 and prefers the kid stool, but can easily use the teen stool as well.

The first grader and one of the second graders LOVED using these stools to recreate a superman flying effect. This builds core strength, balance and confidence in their own bodies and abilities as well.

Forbes recently published an article in 2015 about kids with ADHD learning better when they squirm. In my experience it is not just a specified group of kids, its ALL kids. These chairs help with core strength, balance and attention.

The feedback I had from those who used the Kor chairs has been tremendous. The stools don’t fit a standard table, but they work great with a kids desk or table. We bought our daughter a student sized desk to pair with a stool. We had great success with this combo. She used to sit at the table or counter on a regular chair and the result was A LOT of homework frustration.

We let her use the wobble stool and get used to its movements and then transitioned to her homework station with the stools. While there was still frustration with the actual work, there were a lot less tears and chewing of the nails.

This is quite a simple design, but the benefits from it are outstanding. I am betting more people would be productive at work if they had these. I see that they have an adult chair as well. If you've tried it, let me know!!