Friday, August 29, 2014

Masterlock 5900D Space Safe review

Masterlock sent me this handy contraption to review with my honest opinion.

A trip to the beach recently made me realize we had no safe place for our things. If we wanted to lock something up it could easily be stolen. I then saw this product. It can hold cell phone and keys and wind the cord through the zipper pulls of a backpack. We usually position ourselves near the swings mid beach so we could actually attach this to the swing set itself. I don’t think we would ever leave our bags by themselves, but this would be great if we ever needed to.
When you set the lock to the combination the cable disengages and allows it to be free on one side. Then push it back into the slot and mess up the combo. This could also be useful for a teenagers locker, a desk drawer at work, bike, etc. The cord isn’t extremely long, but long enough it can be attached to a backpack and wrapped around a bleacher leg for school events etc. It is lightweight and has shock absorbing foam inside. SO Cool.

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