Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clearly Filtered Pitcher review and giveaway

 Clearly Filtered sent me a water pitcher to review. I apologize for the compressed pictures. Apparently my phones settings got messed with.

This is a very sturdy water pitcher. The filter is easier to prep than the Brita. No soaking of the filter and no running through a pitcher or two of water before use.
The filter lasts 5 times longer than Brita.  This filtesr 200 gallons.  Brita filter 40 gallons
The cost of the filter is comparable to the other brands. However this one you use one filter vs multiple for the other brands.
The MAJOR DIFFERENCE:  Clearly Filtered removes impurities while Brita reduces.  
Brita does not remove fluoride.  
This pitcher makes water taste BETTER than bottled.  There is no regulation on bottled water so it can be taken from one source and bottled with no filtration whatsoever.  Brita makes no claim for many of the contaminates that Clearly Filter removes.
Easy website to maneuver through, the product is well packaged, and the instructions are easy.
The videos on website are great and they have great option for portable filtering (ie sports bottles for school)!
The down side is you cannot  buy filter locally.  However, with free shipping not that big of a deal
I also see no way to know when the filter needs replaced.  Maybe just have a location on the pitcher designed to write the replace date?
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  1. I would have to that I also like the Insulated Stainless Filter Bottle - shaunie