Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chapul bars -the original cricket bar - review and giveaway

Chapul sent me 3 flavors to try.

Aztec bar - Dark chocolate, coffee, cayenne - nice with a slight flavor of coffee but not overpowering
Thai bar - Coconut, Ginger, Lime - a twinge of spice, but very good.
Chaco bar - Peanut butter & Chocolate - This has to be my absolute favorite.

The catch to these amazing bars is that the protein is derived from cricket flour! YEP! CRICKETS!
Read up on the Chapul Story here. Their mission is to create a delicious energy bar,  introduce a revolutionary efficient protein, invest 10% of all profits in water conservation in the regions which inspire the bars.
You may be asking why eat insects? There is 15% more iron than spinach, twice the protein as beef, and comparable B12 as salmon. If you look at other countries upwards of 80%0 people eat edible insects as part of their regular diet
I learned a couple things while reading Chapuls site and blog.
Experts estimate that 92 percent of all freshwater consumed is absorbed by agriculture, the average hamburger patty has the same greenhouse gas impact as driving a Toyota Corolla for 10 miles, and our waterways are laced with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. Soy and whey protein, popular alternatives to meat, still rely on resource-intensive agriculture, expose us to unhealthy levels of phytoestrogens and trigger dairy allergies.”
Now with all this information do they taste good? YES! I was pleasantly surprised! Little crazy life loved the peanut butter and chocolate.

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  1. I definitely think the Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor looks the best!

  2. I would like to taste the Thai bars, coconut, ginger and lime.

  3. The Aztec bar sounds good.