Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Viviva water Color sheets review

Viviva sent me a book of their colorsheets.

I am new to watercoloring, but I thought this would be a fun project to take on and see what I could create. I wont bore you with my newly created "masterpieces", but suffice it to say they are a great start.

I do not have good lighting at the moment so I will be using a combination of Viviva pictures and my own to show you the beauty of this product.

Each book opens to reveal 4 "pages" with 4 colors.

The first page has Crimson, Deep Pink, Vermillion, and Flesh.

The second, Chrome Yellow, Gold Ochre, Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna.

The third; Light Green, Sap Green, Veridian, and Peacock Blue.

The fourth; Persian blue, Violet, Magenta and Slate Black.  Each page has a layer of thick parchment paper to prevent the colors from bleeding and the four colors on that page.

In the back of the book there is a mixing palate made of paper that is super convenient.

Whats amazing about this product is that you don't have to carry a ton of products. You just need this little book, a brush, and paper. You can get water anywhere!

It is extremely compact and the colors are extremely concentrated. You can use them and leave them light and opaque, or you can build them up and make them extremely deep and rich.

They blend extremely well, and are super saturated in the booklet. The brush picks up so much color in just one or two small swipes of the color swatch.

Overall, this is a really great product. Ive been researching others creations with this and comparing with standard watercolors. I cannot tell the difference between the two when they are on paper. This is a truly gorgeous and functional product.

Check out their page indiegogo page and pre-order! Their campaign was fully funded and products should be out at the end of the year!

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