Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Chubbies shorts review

My pictures do not do these justice, so I'm using stock photos until I can get better photos. 

Chubbies sends out hysterical emails to get your attention. I have noticed quite a few little things on their site from little dancing characters, to free items in the cart. They really go out to their way to make your shopping experience fun.
The quality of chubbies shirts are great. They are soft, wash well, and don’t appear to shrink much. We went with a basic blue tee shirt so he could throw a button down over the top. He also uses this as an undershirt for his business casual wear.

These are the “all days” and are $49.50. These hold up VERY well. Mr CrazyLife says they are a bit shorter than hes used to, but loves the fit and style other than that. They wash well and seem to hold up. These are 100% cotton, elastic waist, and 5.5 inch inseam. The belt loops fit most regular belts, one back pocket for a wallet with a button down flap. The all days faired VERY well in Hawaii. Funny thing is inside the fly says “BOOMSHAKALA”.     

The next items we would love to try are the men shorts flexomatics, the weekend shirt, and for women the Santa ana tank. They also have a coming soon section, and warehouse finds. 

If you are looking for different clothes, this is your place to go. I hope we get to do another review one day.

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