Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kiss Freely allergen free facepaint and giveaway

Kiss Freely sent me their Natural Face paint, body butter, and orange lip balm.

 First of all I LOVE that this facepaint is non toxic and free of many allergens. It is all Natural & Unprocessed. Kiss Freely does a great job in protecting your kids from nasty chemicals.

  • Free of all of the most common food allergens
  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut & Nut Free
  • Vegan

  • Here is the swatch test of all the colors. They are very pigmented and have gorgeous creamy texture. They are so easy that my 9 year old was able to draw on her arm with no problem. 

    Seriously, look at those colors! The yellow and white had a bit of metallic to them. After the paint dried, they did not smudge. We took a baby wipe to our hands/arms and every color except the red/brown came off easily. After a quick bath the red/bronze had come off.

    Look at those statistics!
    10 of 10 tested facepaints contained LEAD from .54 to .65 ppm!
    6 of 10 contained nickel, cobalt and/or Chromium at levels EXCEEDING industry standards!
    All Kiss Freely products are free from the top 8 most common allergens, and then some.

    Now for Kiss Freely body butter. After we used the cream face paint and took it off, we noticed no issues with our skin. We then applied the body butter to our arms.

     What I love about this body butter, is the ingredients are simple, REAL ingredients. No chemicals or common allergens are found in their products.

    Kiss Freely also has an orange lip balm. TASTY! Little crazy Life knows I will not buy her the store lipbalms because of all the chemicals and junk in it. Plus it will be lost in a matter of an hour just to end up in the wash, or dryer. NOT FUN. 

    Just as their other products, their lipbalm ingredients use natural, chemical free ingredients. This is even more important as you will ingest a bit of this product being on your lips.

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    1. i like Artisan Bath and Body soap.

    2. The face paint! I had no idea about all those toxic chemicals in face paint. It makes sense, but so disheartening. So excited to have found this brand. Thank you!