Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tadpoles blanket and chandelier Review

 Tadpoles sent me this SUPER cute and soft blanket set in yellow.
These blankets are 100% Polyester MicroPlush. The chevron blanket is the mommy blanket at 50"x60". My daughter LOVES this blanket and has taken it as her own.                 

The yellow I love mommy blanket is a 30"x40" baby's blanket. They come in pink, blue and yellow and are machine washable.

To give you an idea of size, this is little crazy life (4'6") holding up the mommy blanket!

This chandelier is SUPER cute as well. However I have to use stock pictures, as we are prepping to put our house on the market and this accidentally got packed up somewhere. Then, last weekend my computer died and I lost my pictures on my laptop and had deleted them from my email. I promise I will update this once I can get close up pictures again! I am so sad that I cannot show you the detail.
This would be super cute in a babys nursery in a corner. The light shimmers off of it and is a great attention grabber while you are trying to get business done. :)

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