Saturday, March 25, 2017

ink & Volt planner review

Planning and productivity as a working mom (out of the home) is important to me. I want to be successful in what I do and what I bring to my day job, as well as in the evening to my family, and my followers. Success is an individual perception based on your individual circumstances.

Do you have a goal for the year that you want to work on? My goal is to grow my blog while bringing you . my readers, things that are useful. I also want to do this in an organized/efficient manner while minimizing its time impact on my family. 

I waste so much time during the day. For example, I recently installed a time tracker on my phone. Why? I needed to know how much time I spend and how often I picked up my phone. It was a SHOCKING experience. I had 97 pickups in ONE day for an average of 2 to 30 minutes at a time. I won’t even tell you my total  time for the day. Its actually embarrassing. This experience taught me how much time I am wasting, when I am wasting it and really brought light to the fact that I need to work on being present in my life.  If you’ve seen my recent Facebook live videos, you can see I’m working on revamping my current blog area and organizing how I do things. This is also why you will also be hearing my little helper occasionally as well. She WANTS to help, and learning some of these life skills will benefit me as well.

This is where Ink & Volt comes in.

The Volt planner is designed to help your success with a layout that helps you lay out your goals. You can set yearly, monthly and weekly goals. FABULOUS!

The cover of the Ink & Volt planner is simple and very sleek, making it appropriate for work OR personal! The cover is made from a vegan material that is soft to the touch.

My biggest problem is that I know what I NEED to be doing, I just don’t do it.  I am very distractible and there is always something I need to be doing. Many times my ideas are so complex that I get overwhelmed and never start, or I start it and never return. My goal was to quit wasting time, and break my ideas into manageable pieces.

What I really like about this planner is the weekly journal prompts. These appear to be inspirational in nature which can lead to other thoughts in the blank space and more goals you wouldn’t have thought about. This is helpful to make your journal unique to you. 

The pages inside the planner are high quality, acid free and use soy based ink.

The Ink & Volt planner itself is 6”x 8.5”, has lay flat binding, Made in the USA, and has two page markers. I love this! Many times if you are looking in the future trying to plan a week its helpful to have it marked so you save time.

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