Friday, January 27, 2017

Illumibowl toilet night light Review

Illumibowl sent me their motion activated toilet night light. If you have kids this is a MUST! No more accidents, especially with little boys!

Illumibowl has a sensor on the front, along with a battery compartment. The small piece to the left is the light that hangs on the inside of the bowl. My daughter loves this because she doesn't have to fumble for the light during the day time. Her bathroom has no window and is probably the darkest room in the house. She now doesn't even have to turn on the light day or night!

Another nice thing is that there is no need to leave a night light on at night. We can see my daughters night light from our room and it drives Mr. CrazyLife nuts to see it at night.

The suction cups secure the Illumibowl to the outside of the bowl, and the light, just under the lid.

The colors rotate through a series of colors or you can select one color. This is probably one of the items that you never thought you needed. This has been so nice at night!

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