Wednesday, December 23, 2015

U-lace review and giveaway

sent me this shoe laces to review.
OH MY GOSH! These laces are THE BOMB! Sure, tying shoes is a life skill, but these simplify my life! No more tripping over shoelaces, buying new shoelaces due to wear, or retying shoes because they came untied or aren’t tight enough. This simplifies a morning routine by giving you back at least two minutes of your morning.
U-lace was created to empower people to use color however they want! You can choose school colors, match your outfits, lace them in different patterns and use those patterns to make your shoes loose or tight. U-lace creates independence and individuality! The original product was customizing laces but has added products and design features in a mass produced venture.

Tim Tally has single handedly changed laces in a super fun and creative way.  I am going to be counting all my shoes and ordering a bunch of these. No more lacing my shoes? YES PLEASE!


 These laces just push through with their hard ends. Notice the two sides of the lace that acts like a butterfly and keeps the lace in place?

My daughter likes her shoes tight so I chose the 5 star and modified it. That’s exactly what U-laces are for! Each pair of laces come with a lacing pattern guide (shown here)
These laces are great for those with dexterity issues, special needs, or low frustration levels.
Take two minutes to enter this giveaway and you might win and get many more minutes back in your day! Make sure to get two packs. They are sold by individual packs so you can customize each pair of shoes.
Enter to win!
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  1. I seriously need these. If these were available when I was a teenager, I'd have owned every color, lol! Nice way to accessorize an outfit too

  2. I like the lavender and shocking pink.

  3. Shocking pink, all the way!!
    jenncutie at hotmail dot com

  4. My favorite color is Seafoam Blue!

  5. My daughter would love the shocking pink!

  6. My favorite is Sunshine & Blue Skies.

  7. My favorite color is kelly green! :)

  8. I like the bright blue or dark gray. The email I check most often is

  9. i love the kelly green and metallic silver!

  10. Can't decide with all the blues.

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