Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thames and Kosmos review and giveaway

Thames and Kosmos

Originally I was going to do the reviews separately, and then I realized with Christmas coming up fast that this would be a great bundle to review!

#1 -Flower and leaf press. This is a pretty basic and awesome leaf press! I love that the kids have hands on access to put the flowers and leaves in the press and wrap the string around. Its going to be hard to make LCL wait for these to dry! If you are giving this as a gift you will want to precut some paper to fit in the press as it acts as a barrier to keep the flowers and leaves from sticking directly to the base. After you put the cardboard down, then a flower or two, and another piece of cardboard, you sandwich it all with the two green bases. Put the zig zag presser fin in place and wrap the string around the entire press multiple times.  Beware, it will take 5-7 days for them to dry completely!

 #2 – crystal geode
If you have a rock obsessed kid, this will be awesome. You get to make a hollow rock and grow crystals inside it! My daughter FLIPS over stuff like this! :)

#3 Cosmic colors – these are really fun cosmic stained glass projects. Mix the primary colors to create new colors.   
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  1. Now these are cool! I'm always looking for more science-based gifts for the kids, and these little kits look great!

  2. The geode is my favorite! My 8 year old would love this!