Tuesday, December 8, 2015

spinmaster review

Spinmaster sent me a few items to review. These are so fun and adorable!!

Little Charmers 8 inch lavender doll

This doll is SO adorable. Ive never heard of little Charmers until now. This 8” doll is absolutely adorable. She has big purple eyes that grab your heard, and pretty brownish purple hair that comes with a brush. This is a simple doll without a lot of extras. This would be great for kids with sensory issues.


Bunchems, Pets Creation Pack

This is a pack of black  spikey balls that stick to eachother. You can squish and connect them and then pull them apart. This pack has 60 pieces and 11 accessories to build a dog, pooch or a cat.

The only thing is not to get them stuck in your hair!!!! This is great for kids who like simple projects that don't like to get dirty or sticky.



Text cool Bracelet studio is a super fun project for kids! Its geared towards the older kids around 6-10.  You use the patterned bracelets in the text wheel to press the letters into the bracelet. There are also emoticons on the wheel as well. There are no batteries required. This is a SUPER fun toy for kids to express themselves with fun sayings.

Knits Cool knitting studio assembly is pretty easy and everything snaps into place. The nice thing with this studio is there is a place for everything to be stored and is much easier than knitting the traditional way. The instructions are a bit confusing for the age bracket who have no experience knitting, so I watched a few you tube videos. There is not much yarn so I would suggest getting an inexpensive skein of yarn to pair with it.

These are going to make great presents to help Santa out with his shopping. I already am planning on purchasing a couple knits cool studios to give as gifts. They look super fun!



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  2. I admit, I skipped over this review at first because the doll in the picture seemed a little younger than my daughter's interests... but man, am I glad I clicked! The Bunchems are a really cool little item. I saw them at a friend's house, and played with them the entire time I was there. Oh, wait, these are for kids?
    Humbug. Lol