Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ogosport review

OgoSport  sent me the aero zipp disk and the Batapult to review.

Need a fun way to get your kids outdoors and away from the electronics? Try these new toys that launched at Toy fair 2015 in New York City (booth #1977) for the 2015 spring/summer season! http://www.toyfairny.com/

First a little background on OgoSport. They are headquartered in the Brooklyn navy yard in Brooklyn New York. They design award winning toys to get families to focus on “Move.Think.Play” concept. Rick Goodwin and Kevin Williams are designers that founded OgoSports for everyone to encourage movement and interaction. These include outdoor and construction oriented toys. The OgoDisk was even featured in the Smurfs movie!  There are so many other toys that my daughter would love. In looking at the products my daughter would LOVE the large darts, ogo parker activity mat, Ogobild kit pod, OgoDisk Raq, Super Pod kit and the OgoBild animate it! There are so many products and they are all so amazing! Hopefully if we get enough traffic on this post they will agree to another review and giveaway!

These are super fun for the kids AND the adults!
The aero zipp disk single Is great for kids! There is a single snap lock that holds the disk at an angle that sends the disk straight and far distances. This product allows for less effort and more accurate throws that many of the traditional disk type toys. This accuracy means there isn’t any drag so it goes farther….faster! This makes this fun and less frustrating for the kids. LCL gets discouraged quickly when she can’t do things accurately so this is a great concept toy to get her confidence level up.
Secondly there is the Batapult.
This is awesome! It is a hinged bat with a foam ball. The bat clicks into position with a snap to make the ball go further with less effort. As a mother of a daughter and a grandmother to both a boy and a girl, this Batapult is great for both. In a house full of princesses I love toys that do not have a perceived gender barrier.    
Another bonus to this company is they have won awards for their open play concept Parents choice award, TillyWig Awards, Dr. Toy Award, Canadian Toy Testing Council, The National Parenting Center Award, and NAPPA Award.

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