Sunday, February 15, 2015

KidOfit shoes review and giveaway

KidOFit sent me this pair of shoes to review. Having reviewed a pair of these before I can honestly tell you as a parent this is the easiest shoe to size for your child.  

My child didn't want to cooperate (This NEVER happens to you, right?) I am showing you the see through bottom with my hand or you can review the prior post here. Like I said before , ,my favorite feature is the clear bottom to see where their toes are which is BRILLIANT for little ones. This eliminates the need to push on toes to guess where they are! I LOVE this brand. The only down side is that they only make them to size 12.

I chose sandals since spring will be here soon. Little crazy life prefers closed toe because of barkdust and scuffed toes.  The yellow straps are Velcro type material that are adjustable.
These shoes have a perfect fit system. They have Velcro across the top and along the heel as well.  This guarantees a nice comfortable fit as your child grows.

Read up on KidOFit site regarding kids foot health.
Kidofit has a wide toe box that allows for comfort without pinching their tiny toes.

The shoes come with two inserts that offer customized fit. What I love about this is the child acan wear the shoes that much longer and costs you less in replacement shoes!

The bottom of the shoe is made with thin flexible elastomer which mimics barefoot walking while promoting natural foot motion.
The interior is made from soft fabric, foam padding and seamless construction. Little Crazy life often goes without socks due to seams in her socks. These shoes would be great for kids like this or for those with tactile issues.
From the KidOFit website.  "KidOFit shoes were created by Ron Bar who has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering! He specializes in foot biomechanics and ergonomics design. The shoes are engineered with unique features designed to promote healthy foot development during the early stages of growth and offer unsurpassed comfort and protection."
NOW enter to win a pair!! :)

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