Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Home Ecology Aquaponic Kitchen garden review

Home Ecology Aquaponic Kitchen garden has a fantastic Indigogo campaign!  You’ve got to check them out! I have not received one of these bad boys yet, but will in exchange for reviewing the concept and vision. Once I get one of these in hand, I will expand my review so you can see actual pictures.

This is a self-cleaning aquarium that is suited for Betta fish and Siamese fighting fish in the bottom chamber. These fish provide nutrients that feed the plants. The upper chamber is self-watering and self-fertilizing. This makes it easy to grow fresh greens, herbs and flowers. Aquaponic cycle mimics a natural floating wetland ecosystem in which fish and plants form a guild and support each other’s development. This Aquaponic system self-sustains and recycles nutrients in a 7 gallon tank. How cool is that? Their kickstarter was successful and should be in production soon!

One thing I do love about this product is for every product sold Home Ecology donates to generate seed bank resources and regenerative agriculture tools. These items benefit communities experiencing food insecurity.
Their website discusses their missions and goals which are to allow people to grow food in their homes and support communities with insecure sources of food.  They have a mission to connect the local food movement with global food justice
I love that this product will bring gardening indoors and reconnect people with growing locally. By providing sustainable living we can lessen our dependence on other food sources as well as knowing where our food comes from. This product will create knowledge within our youth of how food is grown and that we need to have a hand in this.
I would LOVE to see this company develop a school program to teach our kids to be socially responsible. 

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