Saturday, September 16, 2017

Charlie Cat Rocks Cupcake mold review

Charlie Cat Rocks sent me a 4 pack of their cupcake molds. Look how freaking adorable they are!! A standard cake mix (we used a gluten free mix) made 5 cupcakes. Check out the FB live showing them. 

Right now the set of 4 is on sale for $16.97. Get them now, because they don't stay in stock long. 

These are HUGE! We made the Charlie cats as gifts. 

Our first attempt to decorate Charlie Cat was with melting chocolates that were not thinned so there was a HUGE amount of chocolate on this one, but it was super cute. 

 The second batch I got smart and used a mason jar lid to prop these Charlie Cats on. 

I used a thinning agent which dulled the shine a bit. Next time I will try paramount crystals. 

What I love about these molds is they are truly unique. Each order comes with a specially formulated recipe that is perfect for complex shaped cakes. We had to use a gluten free mix.

I lightly sprayed these inside, but they are designed so that the cat shape easily comes out of the mold intact every time. They are extremely easy to clean.          

I love how much creativity you have with decorating the Charlie Cats.  
This is a great gift for cat lovers and bakers. For older kids this would be a great project. These were done by my 9 year old. 

Charlie Cat molds are made of 100% BPA free USDA certified food-grade silicone which can be safely baked or frozen hundreds of time. 

You can use them for cupcakes, chocolate, candy, jello, ice, soap and so much more. 

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