Friday, September 30, 2016

ICONIQ tumber and water bottle review

First of all, let me perfectly honest. I HATE drinking water. I know I need to drink more, but its just a chore for me and I suck at it.

The ICONIQ water bottle holds 17 oz water bottle and keeps liquids warm for 12 hours and cold for 24!  It is about 10" tall and almost 3" wide. What I love about this bottle is that its double wall stainless steel with NO plastic and it fits in my cup holder in my car. Its actually compact enough to throw in a large purse or backpack too. There is no sweating or condensation on this bottle, which is great when you throw it in your bag. I find myself drinking quite a bit more water with this bottle. I fill it with warm water and throw a little lemon juice in there.

This ICONIQ Stainless steel tumbler holds about 30 oz. The lid doesn't seal completely so you cant tip it over, but It does have a hole to sip through a straw. I love that it is double walled stainless steel. I do not burn my hand on hot cups anymore and the cup does not sweat from the hot liquids. It fits really snug in the cup holder in my car, but its not overly bulky. It is about 8" tall and 4 inches wide. . I fill it with hot tea/creamer every morning and its been great.

ICONIQ made this with 18/8 grade, food-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel with our unique super grip colored finish. The plastic lid is made from durable Tritan plastic and is 100% BPA free.

Overall these cups are a great price point and provide an affordable way to rid your house of plastic cups and save you money. You are not only keeping money in your wallet, but keeping cups out of the landfill!

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